Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mission Possible

Did anyone get to see the eclipse last night? Early on in the evening the sky was clear and the moon was super bright but when I woke up at 4:30 to watch the most dense fog I have seen in the city limits had rolled in and blocked the view :( I was so bummed.
Yesterday was another packed day of sightseeing. I met everyone at Lichgate for a stroll around the gardens and a picnic lunch. My aunt and great grandmother really loved the faerie garden and charming little cottage.
I found this at the foot of the Lichgate Oak.

After lunch we packed up and drove to Mission San Luis. San Luis is a recreated Spanish mission complete with reenactors.

The council house is 140 feet in diameter, and five stories tall. 
Some skins and bones displayed in the council house.

Inside the house of the Spanish quarters, a sampling of toys from the period. (1656-1704)
 The young apprentice blacksmith was eager to show off his nail making skills.

A cannon inside the Castillo de San Luis
 An exquisite map inside the fort blockhouse
 a mission flag
 While the furniture is all reproductions due to the burning of the fort, they were based on artifacts found on site and made using tools of the period. 

 The friary complex to the side of the church. In between the two lies the cemetery
The church
A painting inside the friary depicts a method of teaching music that did not involve reading sheet music.
 I had to take a few photos of myself, right? 
(My arms are about to fall off after lugging the camera and tripod around for 3 days. Oh, family pictures)
Carved doors at the entrance.

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