Friday, October 24, 2014

Greek Food Fest

Once a year (many years past it was every other year) The Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church hosts a Greek food festival. It is one of the must do activities in Tallahassee,  especially if you love Greek food. I met my parents there this morning right when it started at 10 am, I was lucky to snag a parking spot remotely close to the church. For lunch I got a la carte large peices of spanakopita and tiropita as well as 3 dolmas. I restrained myself when going through the pasty lines, I only got 3 sweets and a loaf of feta bread to go with dinner tonight.
Fresh from the oven tiropita 
My selection of sweets: Chocolate baklava cheesecake, baklava, and galaktoboureko. (try saying that five times fast). I ate the cheesecake at the festival and saved the other two for Hubby, he only gets half of the custard one to be fair.
I got to the grounds a few minutes before my parents so I got to walk through the church, it was astoundingly beautiful. 
I had to wear my Mediterranean skirt today, I think some people thought I might have been one of the dancers since my skirt was so full.
The event vendors always have amazingly beautiful jewelry and gifts. It is always good I am broke this time of year, I would spend a fortune on citrine and turquoise jewelry.
 There was an amazing Russian booth there this year, they had every type of matryoshka doll you could imagine (including a Doctor Who one) as well as lovely hand crafted and painted earrings, bracelets, and barrettes. Look at these adorable ornaments, I ended up getting some since they were only $3 each. I also got some pretty things for my MIL and aunt's Christmas gifts.

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