Thursday, October 9, 2014


Last big (photo intense) post for a while. I really do enjoy photography and it is nice once in a while to go out and get shots that aren't just outfit ones. Although, like I mentioned yesterday, my shoulders are killing me from lugging the tripod and camera everywhere.
Wednesday my family met up for lunch at Fanny's Cafe in Goodwood. We had a lovely quiet lunch then wandered the grounds while we waited for the next tour of the house. When we met up for the tour we found that the docent that was in charge of the tours that day was unable to be there but several of the volunteers let us in and gave us a quick look around the main floor, it was just the right amount for Grandma, she would have been unable to maneuver the stairs anyhow.
The pool

 The gnome that watches over the house
I love living in the south, it's so charming

The spider lilies were popping up everywhere, they are one of my all time favorite flowers

The water tower 
 Inside the mansion 
Can you tell I love the kitchen the most? It's so cute.
I knew I would be taking lots of photos in the gardens today so I kept it simple in a belted blouse and jeans. I finally got to wear my thrifted Clark's heels, they were so comfy.