Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Girl Scout

My hubby and I had lunch together today since I have a dental cleaning at lunchtime tomorrow and will miss our normal Indian lunch day. I made a pot of aloo chole that is in the fridge for tonight's dinner so I won't go through Indian withdrawal.

It's been warm and rainy this week, today has remained around 80 but it is icky sticky with humidity. The weather forecasts say it should get back down to the 60s next week, I can't wait to I can wear my new brightly colored tights and my donut sweater. Even though it wasn't very autumnal feeling today I wore a fall inspired outfit. I got the jumper and the cute vintage clutch at the $1 sale last week at my favorite vintage shop. After I got the whole outfit together I realized I kind of looked like a girl scout, but hey, I was one for many years of my life. I wish I had some samoas...
Oh yeah, I went back to black hair. I like having a more natural look in the fall.
I decided to trim my bangs and dye my hair AFTER I had scrubbed the bathroom. Why am I so crazy? Least I still had the cleaners out to remove any dye spots.

Hat- Made by me (see below for info)
Blouse- Thrifted
Jumper- Candies ($1 at The Other Side)
Purse- Vintage ($1 sale)
Socks- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless
I made my hat from one of the free crochet patterns from my website
The pattern is called Chakra Hat, you can also queue it on Ravelry.

My great grandma is flying in today! My parents are picking her up and driving back to town tomorrow (since the flight is coming in late tonight). I can't wait to see her.

Some Bunny loves ya!