Monday, October 6, 2014

Donut Worry, Be Happy

I don't think it is much of a secret that I love sweets, especially cupcakes and donuts. I don't get them every day or even every week, I know all things must be eaten in moderation. Earlier this year I noticed Target had an adorable donut sweater but since I'm a Florida girl I couldn't justify getting it till the weather got cooler. Guess what, it is a little cooler so I finally broke down and got it. I'm so happy I did, the pink part is sparkly which I didn't expect. I tried pairing it with a skirt for this look but being a longer sweater it will look better with pants (I had to fold it up in these pics). Another thing that had been on my wishlist was a donut clutch from ASOS, since I got the sweater I figured I needed to get the clutch too. It is really exciting to get to order NEW things, I am a thrift-er all the way but I really treasure when I get things that are brand new since it doesn't happen to often.
Headband- Old, Hot Topic
Earrings- made by me
Sweater- Target
Clutch- ASOS
Dress- ModCloth
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless
 These photos were taken at the Leon Pub mural. It is a bright and cute mural that includes depictions of local buildings.

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