Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Capitol Idea

This week as been a whirlwind, we have been taking our visiting family to so many points of interest. Yesterday my parents and I took my aunt and great grandma to the capitol plaza. They started the day by going to the top level of the new capitol, it glass all away around and gives a 360 view of Tallahassee. I was running late so when I made it there they were already at the top so I took a few pictures of the "Stormsong" (and my OOTD) while I waiting for them to come down.

Get ready for lots of photos...

In 2003, the dolphin statue “Stormsong” by Tallahassee artist Hugh Nicholson was added within Waller Park’s Florida Heritage Fountain -Wikipedia
I wore a "business" inspired outfit for hanging out on the plaza since I don't like to look like a tourist in my own city.

Jacket- $1 bin at The Other Side
Tank- Thrifted
Skirt- Vince Camuto, thrifted for less than $5
Tights- Sock Dreams
Boots- Old
Purse- Betseyville, thrifted

Even the grates in parking garages have the city logo

The dome of the old capitol emerging from the trees.
 The old capitol is by far my favorite of the two buildings. 

Ever watch "How I Met Your Mother?" Remember the building Ted's boss wanted to build? The pink marble shaft with mounds and lush shrubbery? I am pretty sure they were making fun of Florida's new capitol, hence why I have not included photos of it, LOL.
A dove was chilling on a banister while I wanted for my family.

 Officer Down is a statue between the two buildings, the photo above is of the small scale one overlooking the life sized one.
A lovely mosaic of the state seal.

Looking up the stairs from the main entrance, isn't it grand.
If you look up from this spot you can see the stunning rose window in the dome of the building.
It has multiple layers of glass to recreate the colors of the original.

 Daughters of the American Revolution

Kind of fuzzy but I gravitate towards anything relating to knitting or crocheting.

One must always take pictures in fun cutouts

The rotating display was focused on Public Health. I enjoyed seeing all the old drug adds, nurse uniforms, and of course, anything that relates to Star Trek.

A view from a second floor window, I adore the red and white awnings.

If you are ever in Tallahassee be sure to set aside several hours to tour the old capitol.

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