Friday, September 19, 2014

Talk Like a Pirate

In grand tradition one of the local bars celebrates talk like a pirate day by serving up a house beer, Dread Pirate Ale, and by grilling up delicious yums on the grill. They had amazing garlic butter corn for just a buck an ear. And as always the bartenders deck out in full pirate garb.

I still need to remake my pirate costume, I haven't gotten around to it since I lost weight several years ago. I threw this together for the night.
  I made the blouse but everything else purchased from various sources.
After a wonderful dinner and a drink at the bar we dropped by Krispy Kreme for a free dozen donuts each (for wearing a full pirate costume). Ooh, I ate too many since we hit them right at "Hot Now". No more donuts for me, I must be good.

Some bunny loves ya!