Monday, September 15, 2014

Pop of Pink

This weekend has been a busy one. The FSU woman's court volleyball hosted a tournament and played in 3 matches over 2 days. The team plays again on Tuesday, I can't wait. Volleyball is special to me and Hubby, it's our night out together. 
Yesterday we attended a 50th birthday party for a good friend. It was a nice multicourse meal at a Thai restaurant, it was exciting to try new dishes. After dinner we went to a little wine bar that our friends are part owners of for a few glasses of wine. It was a nice evening and our friend had a great birthday. I owe him a gift, I just need to figure out what to make him.

I had had an outfit all picked out but after I ironed the dress I planned to wear I ended up wearing my lovely hot pink dress instead. It matched my hair very well, I don't know why my hair is showing up more red in photos, it is closer to the color of the dress. 
 I like to keep this dress for dressier events since it is very well made office wear. Last time I styled it I used the original tan belt and wore nude shoes. I really like the way I wore it this time, I love black and hot pink together.  I opted for flats since we were going to walk to the bar, I really wanted to wear my patent leather pumps but it wasn't very practical.
 Earrings- Local shop, similar
Necklace- Vintage, Etsy
Dress/belt- Thrifted
Bag- Betsey Johnson
Shoes- Payless
Ooh, ModCloth has another great sale going on, some of my dream shoes are still available in my size. Eep, must be strong and not buy bunny shoes.

- 40 in bunnies since it looks like they run small, 8.5 in unicorn ;) -

There are plenty of lovely dresses for killer prices, I'm not sure I can't live without any of them though, so I may just skip ordering a dress this time.

Here are some of my favorites from the sale though