Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pastel Pretty

This week has been exciting. I love getting out of the house more than just a couple of days a week. Well, I get out every day to walk but I love days I get to dress up. Today Hubby and I had lunch with his Aunt. We had an amazing lunch at an great little Chinese/Japanese restaurant. We spoiled ourselves with a bento box each. The bento boxes served on beautiful segmented trays and have a main dish, steamed veggies, fried rice, lo mein, and a spring roll. There is no way you can leave the restaurant and not be stuffed.
I was on the fence about what to wear until this morning when on my walk I saw all the beautiful lavender morning glories were in bloom.  It got me thinking about my lavender dress I had picked up The Salvation Army a few weeks ago on half price day.
This dress has a pretty style, I'll try to get some shots of it sans cardie. It has a nice length skirt and is fully lined. It is thin cotton and more of a spring color but I think pairing it with black makes it wearable in fall and possibly even winter. The dress isn't bad at all for being from Walmart, I'm just glad I didn't buy it at Walmart (you know... at Walmart).
Hair flower- eBay
Jewelry- Vintage from Etsy
Cardie- Target (thrifted)
Dress- Walmart (thrifted)
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Aerosoles
Oh my, how lovely the weather is today. When I walked this morning it was about 68 degrees and even now in the afternoon it hasn't even hit 80 degrees. It definitely feels like fall, I hope this weather stays around for a bit. I may be able to start my longer (4 mile) daily walks again, during summer I was forced to cut down to 2 miles because the heat, UV index, and humidity. 
Another reason I'm excited is I got a new (to me) washer. It is in really good shape and Hubby is putting it in today. My old washer was leaving clothes dirtier than I put them in and getting stuck on fill which caused several floods of the pantry.
Would any one be interested in a button trade? Mine can be found to the side, if you want to trade just leave me a comment saying you linked me.

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