Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Na na na na na BATMAN!

I know there are a lot more na's but I shortened it for the title.

We have family in town so last night we had a big family dinner out. We ate at one of our favorite local restaurants, Midtown Pies. They (and their sister location Gaines Street Pies) have amazing pies that are the stuff of legend.
Midtown Pies has a great video game mural
A little storm kicked up while we were at dinner so we really didn't get any great shots of my new dress. I whipped this baby up the day I wore it, I can't believe I finished it in a matter of hours. I was unsure of the pattern when it was going together because the sleeves didn't want to fit. I pulled them off and resewed them with a smaller seam allowance but even that didn't seem to help. Amazingly after I put in the zipper and tried it on the sleeves worked, they are tight but I have big arms so that is to be expected.  
I am thrilled with Butterick 5982. It has a range of pieces for a better fit for different cup sizes. It doesn't go past D but even the D cut gives so much better of a fit than most patterns. The skirt in the pattern is gathered and soft pleated but for sake of time and sanity I just gathered the whole skirt and it looks just fine. This may be my favorite dress I have made yet, it is going to be so much fun remixing since it is loaded with tons of bright colors. I have lots of yellow and red accessories and shoes :)
Earrings, bracelet, purse- Vintage
Dress- Made by me, Butterick 5982
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Aerosoles
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