Monday, September 1, 2014


Since my Hubby had the day off I dragged him down to the St. Mark's Wildlife Refuge. It had been a long time since we had been to the lighthouse and I really wanted to get pictures of my new dress. The wildlife refuge is a beautiful area that has many hiking/biking trails, fishing pools, bird watching, and of course a lighthouse. Today was a little hot for hiking so we just took pictures of the light house, played in the shallows, and stopped at a few observation decks. It is only $5 to get in for the day so I hope we can take more trips this fall when it cools off, it would be a fun bike trip.

 This was the debut of my newest dress. Oh boy was this one a doosy, I'm sure the other bodice choices are just fine but this one just didn't want to work, the pieces didn't want to fit together and  the sizing was way off. I made my normal pattern size which is listed as 4 inches smaller than my bust (which is the typical ease) but this one came out 6-7 inches larger than the fit size. I took up several inches already but after wearing it today it was very obvious I need to take up about 2 more inches at the back. Aside from the problems with the bodice I love the rest of this pattern. It has a long bias cut skirt that twirls beautifully and it even has pockets!
By happy accident my hair is currently hot pink. I was stripping the purple out and it was so stubborn it just turned lighter rather than lifting, it it worked perfectly for showing off my darling pink dress though.
 A view of the lighthouse from the shallows

 An old pier

I waded out to take these pics, I was careful not to get too close since I forgot my flip flops and I didn't want to shred my feet on the oyster shells.

 I found the headband Friday, it was so perfect I had to get it.

 After wading we stopped at the new butterfly garden. My hubby got these great shots of some gulf fritillary butterflies.
 A little further up the road we stopped at another observation point. This one had lots of water lilies, only one was fully open though. It was so nice we stayed there for quite a while basking in the beauty of the day.

We were taking a few more pictures when a large frog decided to join us. I'm not very fond of frogs so I went and sat on the bench for a while while Hubby played with froggy. I know he wasn't as big as a bullfrog or anything but he was the size of my fist and therefore too big for me.
It was a nice day and it was great to spend some time out with Hubby. On the drive back home we found a boiled peanut stand, this was probably Hubby's favorite part of the day, Hubby loves fresh boiled cajun peanuts. I never really liked boiled peanuts before but these were so good I even ate several handfuls. Hope you had a great day too.