Thursday, September 18, 2014

Going Green

I think my body is ready for Fall, it has already tried to go into hibernation. I have unable to get up before noon most days this week, it has been throwing off my whole schedule. It was rainy earlier this week so I couldn't have gone on my morning walks anyway but I wish I could have gotten more around the house done. We have both my and hubby's family coming to town soon and I need to be able to show off the house. My great grandma hasn't been able to visit since we bought the house, in fact the last time she was able to come was when hubby and I got married.
I finished this dress Monday. Since it is lined I had to do a fair bit of hand sewing (and I hate hand sewing). Not only did I title this post "Going Green" because my new dress is green, it happens to be made from a sheet so I was recycling.

I was pretty pleased with this pattern, especially for being a McCall's. The only thing I would have changed (and I will do on the next one) is evenly adjust the gathers in the skirt, they wanted far too much in the back, I already have a plentiful behind and I don't need the majority of volume of the skirt on it. I really love the cut out back, it shows off some skin without being too much or being unable to wear a bra. I also like it shows off the little pink elephant tattoo on my shoulder.
Earrings- Old
Necklace- Vintage, circa 1949
Dress, Made by me, McCall's 6955
Belt- Vintage
A friend offered to give me a ride to lunch today so I didn't have time to find a good photo location so I just took pictures at the little park near my house. It is all either in the bright sun or patchy shade, my poor camera hates to take pictures at it.
How do you like the new layout? I had been looking something cute and I found just the right template.

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