Thursday, September 4, 2014

Everyday Steampunk

Today I was in a quirky mood so I dug out my gear necklace, dawned my grey dress, and put on my peep-toe mary janes. All together they portray a pretty good everyday steampunk look. 
I have found that parts of downtown are nearly deserted around lunch so I can take pictures in relative peace. If anyone does walk by they just assume I'm a photography student at one of the universities.
Today I took pictures at St. John's. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in town. It was built in 1838.
The stained glass windows are gorgeous but you can't get good pictures of them from outside during the day.
 Although St John's is in a historic section of downtown it is right next to a newer bank building. It is a stark contrast from the architecture of the church to the plain, boring bank. I admire how my city preserves history but at the same time allows new infrastructure.
Earrings- Dichroic glass (given to me by MIL)
Necklace- Art swap many years ago
Brooch- Goodie bag from Goodwill
Dress- Thrifted
Purse- Vintage
Socks- Bells Outlet
Shoes- Thrifted
Shoe Clips- Antique, gift from dear friend

(Thank goodness for the socks, I finally got to wear these shoes without them removing the top layer of skin)
As you can see I attempted to get my hair into milkmaid braids. I really need about an inch or two more in length to work a little better. I hoped this pic would show off my stunning new color in my hair, it's an electric magenta, but it was a little dark.
As a final note today- the world lost Joan Rivers. I always danced to my own drummer when it came to fashion but when I started watching Fashion Police I got to see big name fashion and to learn about things I never would have gotten to see or hear about in normal day to day life. Joan enriched my life and to her I give a big thank you.