Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stripes and Spots

Ah ha! My camera somehow got set on some weird focus setting but I figured out how to fix it. I think it got switched over in the case or maybe at cat did it, who knows.

Sundays are normally spent with family, lunch with my family then over to Hubby's family for the afternoon and sometimes dinner. Since my mother in law is still out of town we invited Hubby's dad and my parents all out to lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant. On the weekends they have a buffet and it has lots of veggie dishes for me and my father in law as well as meat dishes for Hubby and my family.
One the way to lunch we stopped downtown for some quick photos. We chose the downtown chain of parks. Bloxhom Park is right off the main downtown street and is flanked by a host of historic buildings. The David S. Walker Library is no longer a library, it is still being used as a office for the Springtime Tallahassee festivities. 

We used to live right on the chain of parks, we miss the downtown atmosphere but we don't miss being unable to get in or out of our apartment when any downtown event was going on. Unfortunately we don't go to any downtown festival to this day because of the bad memories. We do however love walking the parks and plazas when they aren't busy.

The Bloxham Park clock

 I didn't realize my shirt had hiked up during the car trip

 Everything in my outfit except the hair flower and the necklace were thrifted.

I picked up the heels at the new Salvation Army thrift shop for $3. I will have to keep them mainly for photo shoots though, the heels of the shoes are gappy and kept slipping off my heels. I didn't bust my butt this time but I always get nervous in 5+ inch heels. But damn, if they aren't adorable. Maybe I'll get some insoles to see if that helps.