Thursday, August 21, 2014

Southern Heat

It stopped raining but now we are under a heat advisory. Today is hovering around 108 degrees (with the heat index) . I took the opportunity and slept in, I keep saying I'll walk in the evening if I sleep in but I doubt it will even get below 85 degrees by midnight, urgh. This summer has just been a wash- not much done, not much exercise, and so on.

I stopped by the chain of parks on my way home from lunch today. The parks are shaded by monstrous live oaks and are cool even in a heat wave. The Knott House is one of Tallahassee's lovely historic houses and is open to the public as a museum (although it is closed in August). I remember taking the tour several times when I was a child. I need to go back as an adult.
I was excited to break out this skirt again, I bought it with warm weather in mind but the last time I wore it it was cold. It is just the right length, fits well at the natural waist, and has just enough movement without having to worry about the wind picking it up and blowing it over my head.
Opalesenct flower clip- eBay
Necklace- vintage
Tank- Old Navy
Skirt- thrifted
Shoes- Payless 
As Autumn approaches I will try to take you on a virtual tour of Tallahassee's lovely historic district. Tallahassee has such an amazing history I love sharing it.

The porch bunnies are currently residing in my sewing room because the heat. I can't sew while they are in there, oh well. The pets always come first.