Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pretty Poppy

I've still been having lingering bouts of  depression related to the repair bills on the cars so I've made it a point to get dressed up and get out of the house to take my mind off of it. Today I met my hubby and some friends for lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots. I like taking pictures there, the mustard color always brightens up photos.
I bought this dress early in spring from a Goodwill. It was just too pretty to leave there. The color is between a peach and a coral in person and is covered with the most glorious poppies in shades of pink, grey, and mahogany. I cut off the straps today because they just weren't flattering with my size chest, I really don't need straps to hold it up anyway. The one downside of this maxi is that I have to iron it because it is 100% cotton and I don't have a full size ironing board. It is laughable watching me trying to iron a full length dress (with a lining and pockets) on a little tabletop ironing board. I love maxi dresses and I wish I had more. I had lots of them before I lost weight.

I picked up these Minnetonka sandals at the new Salvation Army thrift shop, clothes and shoes are 50% off on Fridays so I got them for $3! I love Minnetonka shoes and they are the only leather shoes I will buy brand new (I normally only buy vegan shoes). I am going to wear theses all summer and fall to football and Volleyball games. Proud Seminole girl here, fringe is a popular accessory on campus.

The shell necklace is from Hawaii.

I know these aren't poppies but I took these pictures a few weeks ago and just found them on my little camera so I wanted to share.  Aren't they pretty?