Monday, August 25, 2014

Garnet and Gold

Here I am reading my blog roll and procrastinating when I should have been done with this post an hour or so ago. 

This weekend was the Garnet and Gold game for FSU's woman's volleyball. It is the warm up game to show off the new players and how hard everyone has trained. And I know what you are thinking, "you like sports?" Truth is I love many sports and love going to sporting events. I will watch hours of college football and go to every game I can, I love MMA (mixed martial arts), I also am guilty of loving WWE and professional wrestling, I play disc golf when it isn't 100 degrees, and most of all I love volleyball. Anyway, back to the game.
During practice
Setting the ball for a kill
The gold team started strong and took the first two sets. After half time garnet came back strong and won the next two making the game go into a fifth and tie breaking set. It was close but in the end garnet won over gold 15 to 11.
It was a great start to the season and I can't wait for the home opener next week against our biggest rival the Gators.

 I stuck to a simple sports day outfit: t-shirt and jeans. I jazzed it up with fringed bag and sandals.
I look so short next to the net, no wonder so many volleyball players are over 6' (way over).

Saturday also started the new season of Doctor Who. I was excited to see the new Doctor but I won't tell you any spoilers in case you are planning on seeing it in the theater tonight.

I mostly crochet nowadays but once upon a time I only knitted. This was one of my first knitting projects in a long time and I am tickled with how well they came out. These lovely cuffs will be part of my steampunk white rabbit costume I am making for a steampunk wonderland party I am attending in October.

The pattern is clear and creates great results every time. It only uses easy basic stitches and the tattered lace look is created by using several sizes of large needles. I happened to have all the needle sizes I needed but even if you need to go out and get a few sizes this pattern is worth it for the great results. I'm almost finished with my second pair and I'll post photos as soon as all the ends are woven in and the buttons are sewn on (it's a rainbow pair).