Thursday, August 14, 2014


Monday my hubby had his wisdom teeth taken out. Today was his first day back at work, I miss him. I enjoyed getting to take care of him and I always love his company. It gets kind of lonely around the house during the day most of the time.
I was so excited to get out and finally get some pictures of this dress. I can't believe how well it turned out after giving me so many problems when I was making it. I swear I put it in time out three times. This was my first time making this dress in this size and I did loose the pattern sheet (directions) so that may have been part of it but it just seemed like the dress was cursed. I still see the mistakes and problems but when I put it on today the cuteness overpowered them in my mind.
I adore this autumnal fox print, my hubby was sweet and got it for me even after our cars needed work. He knew how much I adored it and it happened to be on sale when we got it. I did have to get the accent fabric but I found it for dead cheap at Hobby Lobby.
 My cherry necklace matches perfectly

Today was the first day it hasn't stormed this week, although it looks like it may later today. Unfortunately yesterday our computer got fried in one of the lightning storms. Tonight Hubby is going to take apart the computer to see what the problem is. Cross your fingers for us that it is just the power supply and not the motherboard. I'm working from the old laptop today but it just isn't the same as a nice desktop.

I'm including this outtake from today because it make me smile.
Call me The Flash.

A lovely shot of Lafayette Park where I took photos today.