Thursday, July 17, 2014

To Boldly Go

where no woman has gone before.

If you noticed the lovely little edit on my last post I now have a working vintage sewing machine. It is a Kenmore Super 6 Stitch, which is one of the machines I learned to sew on about 20 or so years ago (I am in my twenties but since my mom was a seamstress I learned to sew early on) and it was an older machine even then.  My mom and I got super excited when it came and after a few tests we knew the machine was up to the task of filling my closet with more dresses so we went on a secret trip to the fabric store yesterday. I bought a bit more than I should have but hey, I got enough to make several dresses and my Halloween costume for less than a median priced ModCloth dress. 

I started with a good basic retro dress pattern that has 3 different styles. Mom and I used to make the majority of my clothes when I was younger but after I matured I gained lots of weight so I had trouble finding patterns I liked in my size. Now I am much slimmer and thanks to the popularity of Mad Men I am able to find almost any retro style pattern I could ever want. I'm crossing my fingers for a $1 pattern sale soon so I can load up.

Here is my first dress. Overall I am happy with it, still not up to par for my standards but still nicer than many new clothes I see on the racks at stores.  Next one I will make I will size down a size, with the ease in the pattern this one came out rather loose. 

I guess you can tell I am a Star Trek fan. I knew I had to have the fabric once I saw it. The fabric was so narrow I had to shorten the skirt to the trim line but you know what, I think it is the perfect length for me. 

I prefer TNG over TOS so my accessories for this look are TNG.
 MAKE IT SO bracelet from an art swap years ago and TNG logo earrings that were a birthday gift from good friend.
Sunnies- Amazon
Dress- made my me, fabric from Jo Ann's
Belt- Thrifted
Shoes- Birthday shoes from a few years ago

Hairstyle thanks to Bumpits. 
Sparkly shoes! They look like warp speed. 
Twirl attempt
I rushed to get this dress done to wear out with a friend tonight but I got a text saying they were sick so I am glad I wore this out to lunch and got some pictures of it since I had planned to get pictures later today.

Until next time