Monday, July 14, 2014


I am so excited, I can finally share pictures of our Greek costumes that my mom and I made. I had been going through costume making withdraw and didn't even realize. My much loved and amazing vintage sewing machine has been down for repairs for 3 years now and since it is a pretty penny to fix it I haven't been able to afford the repairs. Sure, I could buy a new machine for the cost of the repairs but my machine is so much better quality than anything I could afford I think it is just better to sit back and wait.

*BIG OL' EDIT 7.15.14*
I have a wonderful new to me sewing machine that works! My wonderful hubby got me one on eBay. It is just like the one my mom taught me to sew on and I sewed many of my clothes on over the years. I still am keeping my other machine with hopes of repair but now I can sew when I want/need.

Anyway, enough babbling. On to some pictures of my Demeter costume.
We took the photos on the FSU campus. How perfect is the amphitheater? 

  • I used a sheet from Goodwill for the dress. 
  • I had just enough gold braid in a stash of trims for both mine and my hubby's costumes. 
  • I made the crown with a combo of crochet, beading, and silk leaves. 
  • The sandals were a lucky thrifted find for $5. 
  • The fun retro coin belt I found at The Other Side. 
  • The beautiful leaf earrings were from an art swap many years ago.

I like the way I did my make-up for the toga party a little bit better than the photo shoot, a dark green smoky eye and a pink lip.
Here is a shot from the party. I found a great vintage medallion to wear in an old box of jewelry right before the party. Can we all agree my Hubby looks amazing? I think he makes a great Hephaestus. His costume was made from a sheet as well but the fabric for the sash I got at the craft store (but I found it on a great sale).