Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Family Member

I know I don't post many pictures of them, but my hubby and I have a big furry family. We have three rabbits, three cats, and a betta. Now we have a new addition, a hamster. Now, we did not plan on getting said hamster but our neighbor brought her over and asked us to take her because he daughter was afraid it because it bit her. We have big hearts so we took the little thing in. The hamster was heavily pregnant (unknown to the neighbor). She gave birth while we were on our mini vacation and under the care of my parents. None of the babies lived, poor little things. It is for the best though, there was no way to find homes for 9 babies. Hamster is happy and active now and is fitting in well, the cats are very interested but are behaving around her.

 I love hamsters, all through my teens I raised and bred them for extra money. I don't think she will add too much to the budget, she uses the same litter as the bunnies and they can share many of the same treats. Plus she did come with a good load of start up goodies.
Hamster may have added a few new things to the pet wishlist on Amazon (I don't know how the critters keep gaining access to the computer).

You may have noticed I have been referring to our new furry thing as "Hamster", this is because she came with the name Apple but we already have a Ringo (our beautiful bunny boy)  and that is Japanese for apple. We are still figuring out what to call her. All but one of our pets has music/musician names so we probably will pick something to fit the theme.

Out-takes, she is so spunky it is hard to get a photo of her that isn't blurry.