Friday, July 4, 2014

Mini Get Away

I've been itching to get back out camping (even with the hot temps). I had been stalking the reservation site for Torreya State Park when a booking miracle happened, I found an open date for the yurt. I quickly talked it over with Hubby and we booked it for the one night that it was available, it also happened to be the perfect day for us since Hubby had taken a few days off. 
Torreya State Park is a beautiful naturey (yes I just made that up) park in North Florida. It is just over an hour outside of Tallahassee. Torreya is popular for camping, primitive camping, hiking, and picnicking. 
Torreya is named for a rare species of tree.
Sitting on the back porch
Long sleeves was a very good idea. I didn't get a single tick while we were hiking, my husband got two.
I am glad I grabbed this blue and white checked Gap shirt from the dollar bin at The Other Side, I have worn it so much.

Over looking the cliff to the Apalachicola River.

One of the many hiking trails takes you walking history tour. It marks the sites of the confederate gun troops. Each gun location has a sign and is interspersed with large plaques with information and images of all aspects of the battery.
Just a few more feet to the river 
 After our hike we checked into the yurt. It was so much fun and it even had AC, which was very pleasant to come into after hiking in 98 degree weather.

 Weeping Ridge, a little waterfall that appears in rainy seasons
It is feed by a little stream

 The overlook from the campground

I like to lead when hiking. We found out most spiders build webs crossing the trails just over my head, I would walk right under them but they would hit my hubby right in the face. Poor thing, we spent lots of time pulling spider webs and a few spiders out of his hair.
 After a full day full of hiking we drove back up to the Gregory House to see the sunset. We didn't see many colors but it was nice being all alone up on the hill and watching it slowly getting dark. At dusk the owls all talking to each other.
We had a lovely time camping, we can't wait to go back once it gets cooler.