Monday, July 7, 2014

Fireworks and Friends

Every 4th of July our friends all get together and celebrate the holiday at a lovely lake house. This year we had an amazing fish fry, I swear I've never had such wonderful fish (sorry, Dad). After dark we sit around the lake and watch the fire works from all over the area.

We arrived on the early side so we could walk down to the lake, I love being on the water and it was nice to finally get some photos.
We heard plenty of gators but we didn't see any. We did see a beautiful osprey hunting though.

I'm really pleased with my outfit, all the clothing was thrifted. I don't normally go for patterned pants (especially periwinkle ones with polka dots)  but these were just too cute and fit really well.
I wore the silver dollar necklace my parents gave me a couple of Christmas's ago as well as some American flag earrings.

We had to lighten these quite a bit because the glare off the water.

With the high temps it has been hard getting outfit posts but I will keep trying.