Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Touch of Gold

Florida weather has been playing tricks on me again. I knew there was a chance of showers but I planned for them to come later in the afternoon. Wrong, I managed to get poured on and had to run through a crazy thunderstorm to buy tickets for the RiffTrax Sharknado tonight. I packed my umbrella in the camping gear and I forgot to put it back in my car door. I did managed to walk, get outfit photos, and do a little shopping before the bottom fell out of the sky.
I thrifted this adorable peplum top last week, it is darling but as you can see it wrinkles pretty badly. It is the perfect little summer top though, I think it will be nice to wear canoeing or to the beach over a bikini. Since the summer lasts till about October/November here I will have plenty of time to wear it.
I livened up my look with lots of gold touches, headband, bangles, nails, and a vintage set of Chicken of the Sea jewelry. 
How amazing is this? My hubby had a family member that worked for Chicken of the Sea and this jewelry set (screw on earrings and brooch) came from them. Not only are they cool because they are a brand logo, they are mermaids! Wouldn't these be perfect with this Pinup Couture Lydia Dress? 

 Just finished this rainbow shawl. It reminds me of an Amish quilt, bold colors on black. I also finished another shawl this week but I can't post photos since it is a gift and I don't want the recipient to see it.
Can't wait for the movie tonight, I haven't seen Sharknado so tonight's showing will be magical. Not much is better than sitting down with a bunch of rowdy friends and making fun of a movie.