Thursday, July 31, 2014

20% Cooler

 My newest dress is about 20% cooler than my other dresses. Why? Because it has ponies!
When I saw this fabric I knew I had to have it but my local stores didn't carry it so I had to order it online. It is even more adorable in person. It has covered in light pink, light blue, and purple stars along with hot pink stars that are Twilight's cutie mark. Only 3 of the mane 6 grace it, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. I could have cut it with either Twilight or Pinkie facing upwards, I choose Twilight because it just made more since that Pinkie would be upside down. I found a piece of rainbow rick rack just big enough to go around the top, it was fate.
I apologize for  the less than stellar photos, I took them twice and hardly any came out either time.  I need to check all the settings and lenses to see what's up. 
Since it has been so hot I opted to wear my hair up. None of my hair flowers look good with my hair up so made a quick bow to match from scrap fabric. I would have worn a pair of my espadrilles but walking around in the park is not the best place to wear heels so I opted to wear my orchid converse.

Dress- made my me, Butterick 4443
Bow- made by me
Necklace- Etsy, seller no longer sells
Belt- vintage
Shoes- Converse

This week has been hot, and I mean hot. Monday came in at 100 but with the heat index it was 113-115 degrees. I walked down to the repair shop to pick up my hubby's car, the guy was amazed I walked over during a heat advisory. Yesterday and today were in the 90s thank goodness, it almost felt like Fall LOL.

Went to the dentist today for a gum cleaning, my poor mouth is still sore. At least my teeth are in good shape for not being to the dentist since I was 17 or 18. I hadn't been able to afford it since I was dropped from my parent's insurance, I was glad when my husband signed us up for dental this time round, we both needed it.

I got the rebate cards for our phones today. At least I will have a little mad money while we try to pay off these car bills.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sew Crazy

This morning we got in a good photo shoot at the old train station. It was only 9 in the morning but it was already over 80 degrees with 80 percent humidity.

This is my new dress I finished this week. Oh boy, what going down a size does. The dress fits perfectly, it is almost like the pattern designer used me as a model.

Isn't this print darling? I was drawn to it as soon as I saw it but dismissed it because of the blue. On my final sweep of the store I grabbed the bolt anyway. I was nervous when cutting it out because it was a one way print but I was ecstatic when I was able to cut out the version I wanted. Since the dresses in the print have sleeves I thought it would be fun to cut out the version that had cap sleeves.

Outfit Details:

Flower- eBay
Dress- made my me, Butterick 4443 
Belt- Thrifted
Shoes- Aerosoles
Briefcase- Vintage

I had picked out all the accessories for today's shoot earlier in the week but when I got dressed I didn't like what I had picked out. I tried lots of variations but I felt basic black was good for today. Later in the afternoon I switched out the black for nude shoes and a belt over a red cardigan to go to an appointment which ended up having a scheduling problem. 

Nothing like waiting 40 minutes for someone to even bother to see that you are waiting then have them tell you they don't know why you are there because the person you are there to see isn't there. No call, no warning, no sorry. They even lost my paper work. *grrr* This has not been a great week. I was just glad to get these photos before I ended up crying for 2 hours due to the appointment dilemma.

Any whoo, I was glad we got some good shots today.

Our station is no longer a passenger platform but is still open to the public as a historic site.

A Florida heritage site

Well. good news. My car is running again. It was the ignition switch (10 points for me, I thought it was the problem). My hubby took it to a little local place that specializes in Volkswagen and they fixed that and the oil leak in just a couple hours. They did great work for the cost but it was more than I thought it would be. We dropped my hubby's car off this morning, the battery was bad like we had thought (even though we had the battery tested at the auto part place they said it was fine) but the other problem it had been having was the priciest of the possible things it could have been. The guy gave us a good quote on the part and work so we went ahead and had them order the part in. We will it get back on Monday afternoon, I can walk to to shop to pick it up they are so close to our house. We barely had the money for one bill, let alone two (two cars break down in one day, crazy). We will manage somehow, we always do. 

Last night we got to hang out with some juggler friends for a few hours of juggling. It was nice and took our minds off of things. I am so out of practice and wear out quickly but I was able to do a few 3 and 4 person passing patterns only somewhat horribly. The club is working on meeting more again so hopefully I can get whipped back into juggling shape.

Here's hoping next week will be a better one. *raises coffee cup*

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When It Rains It Pours

Today was the first day it has been sunny in quite a while. It is supposed to storm later this afternoon though. I was happy I was able to get a walk in this morning and I did manage to get a short one in yesterday to the grocery store. I am currently a fair weather friend as both my and my hubby's cars are out of service. Sunday afternoon his started draining the battery and wouldn't start up. Thank goodness we were at my parents house so they charged up our battery and took us home to do some research while the battery charged. We drove my car back to my parents. We popped in the battery and it started right up. Got home and let the car sit for a few hours and the battery was dead again. After testing out the battery at the battery store we concluded it must be some electric problem in the car :( We had our fingers crossed it was just a bad battery. Yesterday my hubby was driving my car, made it to work and lunch, then back home before his dental appointment. He even took my car to test the other battery which involved several trips, no problems. He goes to his dentist and when he comes out the car won't start. A kind stranger gave him a razor blade so he could strip some insulation of the wires so he could jump start the car from the solenoid (we are no strangers to this problem, it is what also happened to my last car). Thank goodness my hubby is a handy dude that is good with electronics. We ordered a new part for my car that will be in on Wednesday. Cross your fingers for us that we can get it in and it works.

On a lighter note today is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! And my dad's birthday is Thursday. He likes to tell people that Mom is older since her birthday is 2 days before his but he is really 3 years older than she is. Both my parents are artistic and musically gifted people that passed down their love of art, crafts, and music to me. They are my best friends and I love them dearly. I may have to ride my bike to their house tomorrow just to hug them and wish them happy birthday.

I am almost done with my newest dress. I kind of out freaked out when I was ironing the fabric because I realized it was a one way print and I was afraid I wouldn't have enough for the dress I wanted to make. I laid it out and it fit perfectly, just one less thing to worry about this week. (I almost had a mini break down yesterday when I had walked to the grocery store, they were out of Almond milk. No big deal but it was almost the straw that broke the camel's back. Too much stress.)

I went through my wishlist on ModCloth and trimmed it down a bit but my Amazon one got a little longer. I can finally make almost any dress I want so fabric and patterns got added to the Amazon list. Here are some of my favorites:

Butterick B5882 | Butterick 6019
 Simplicity 3823 McCall's6745

And some lovely retro ones:

 Butterick 5605 | Butterick 5603 | Butterick 6018

The retro ones are a bit too much for me right now, but it won't be long before I can do them.

And here are some amazing fabric swatches

I would have bought some of that beautiful space print while at the store but there was only about 3/4 of a yard left on the bolt. I didn't see the rockets in person but oh man, GLOW rockets.


Robin Hood is my favorite Disney movie so I have always had a soft spot in my heart for foxes. Here are three great fox prints.


I actually went to the store looking for the Boom, Zap, Pow!! print but they didn't have it so I ended up buying the Star Trek print that I made my last dress from.

The ice cream print doesn't look like much in this swatch but it is stunning in person. I almost bought it but in the end some cupcake fabric won out. I still want to get the ice cream though, maybe for a halter dress with a full skirt.

They didn't have any doughnut print fabric but the sprinkle print would be fun to use as an accent on something sometime.

I'll try to share my finished new dress later this week. I'm headed back to my sewing room now to finish it up.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

To Boldly Go

where no woman has gone before.

If you noticed the lovely little edit on my last post I now have a working vintage sewing machine. It is a Kenmore Super 6 Stitch, which is one of the machines I learned to sew on about 20 or so years ago (I am in my twenties but since my mom was a seamstress I learned to sew early on) and it was an older machine even then.  My mom and I got super excited when it came and after a few tests we knew the machine was up to the task of filling my closet with more dresses so we went on a secret trip to the fabric store yesterday. I bought a bit more than I should have but hey, I got enough to make several dresses and my Halloween costume for less than a median priced ModCloth dress. 

I started with a good basic retro dress pattern that has 3 different styles. Mom and I used to make the majority of my clothes when I was younger but after I matured I gained lots of weight so I had trouble finding patterns I liked in my size. Now I am much slimmer and thanks to the popularity of Mad Men I am able to find almost any retro style pattern I could ever want. I'm crossing my fingers for a $1 pattern sale soon so I can load up.

Here is my first dress. Overall I am happy with it, still not up to par for my standards but still nicer than many new clothes I see on the racks at stores.  Next one I will make I will size down a size, with the ease in the pattern this one came out rather loose. 

I guess you can tell I am a Star Trek fan. I knew I had to have the fabric once I saw it. The fabric was so narrow I had to shorten the skirt to the trim line but you know what, I think it is the perfect length for me. 

I prefer TNG over TOS so my accessories for this look are TNG.
 MAKE IT SO bracelet from an art swap years ago and TNG logo earrings that were a birthday gift from good friend.
Sunnies- Amazon
Dress- made my me, fabric from Jo Ann's
Belt- Thrifted
Shoes- Birthday shoes from a few years ago

Hairstyle thanks to Bumpits. 
Sparkly shoes! They look like warp speed. 
Twirl attempt
I rushed to get this dress done to wear out with a friend tonight but I got a text saying they were sick so I am glad I wore this out to lunch and got some pictures of it since I had planned to get pictures later today.

Until next time

Monday, July 14, 2014


I am so excited, I can finally share pictures of our Greek costumes that my mom and I made. I had been going through costume making withdraw and didn't even realize. My much loved and amazing vintage sewing machine has been down for repairs for 3 years now and since it is a pretty penny to fix it I haven't been able to afford the repairs. Sure, I could buy a new machine for the cost of the repairs but my machine is so much better quality than anything I could afford I think it is just better to sit back and wait.

*BIG OL' EDIT 7.15.14*
I have a wonderful new to me sewing machine that works! My wonderful hubby got me one on eBay. It is just like the one my mom taught me to sew on and I sewed many of my clothes on over the years. I still am keeping my other machine with hopes of repair but now I can sew when I want/need.

Anyway, enough babbling. On to some pictures of my Demeter costume.
We took the photos on the FSU campus. How perfect is the amphitheater? 

  • I used a sheet from Goodwill for the dress. 
  • I had just enough gold braid in a stash of trims for both mine and my hubby's costumes. 
  • I made the crown with a combo of crochet, beading, and silk leaves. 
  • The sandals were a lucky thrifted find for $5. 
  • The fun retro coin belt I found at The Other Side. 
  • The beautiful leaf earrings were from an art swap many years ago.

I like the way I did my make-up for the toga party a little bit better than the photo shoot, a dark green smoky eye and a pink lip.
Here is a shot from the party. I found a great vintage medallion to wear in an old box of jewelry right before the party. Can we all agree my Hubby looks amazing? I think he makes a great Hephaestus. His costume was made from a sheet as well but the fabric for the sash I got at the craft store (but I found it on a great sale).