Thursday, June 5, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons

 Wow, it's been a yucky week. It has been humid so my left leg has been swollen (old sports injuries), I feel like a human barometer. Monday I rolled my ankle pretty bad and being no stranger to foot injuries I wrapped it and have been resting it, but no big daily walks for me.  I have still been strolling at a slow pace to get some mileage in both the morning and evening. Yesterday I overdid it though, I went out in the afternoon without fully hydrating and got pretty sick. I couldn't take my evening walk with my hubby because I still felt too weak. 

I did get a new crochet pattern up on my crochet website this week so I do feel like I got something done. Here is the pattern if you want to see.
 I have adopted a new motto, "When life gives you lemons, wear yellow". 
It really works, it's hard to be in a bad moon while wearing such a happy color. 

From Etsy

Or there is always this ^
I found this skirt on the way out of Goodwill the other day. I almost didn't try it on since it was in jr. sizes and smaller than my normal jr. size. It was so cute though I ran and tried it on, I was instantly in love. It has fully operational buttons all the way down the front,  large belt loops, pockets, and how about the print? *swoon*

Sunnies- Amazon
Shirt/Belt/Skirt- Thrifted
Shoes - ModCloth (gift from my Aunt)
Harajuku Lovers Purse- eBay

I switched out the heels for flats after photos since my ankle is still pretty sore.


Oh yeah, it has been so humid it took me two days to paint my nails because the polish wouldn't set. Argh!
My purple is finally lightening up some so it is getting more visible.

So looking forward to the weekend!