Sunday, June 22, 2014


This weekend I would have really liked to have gotten away and to have gone camping or something else fun. I nearly booked a spot at a nearby state park but I'm glad I didn't because the weather didn't end up being that great, high temps and pop-up thundershowers. My hubby and I just ended up staying home and doing stuff around the house during the day then went down to campus in the evening for a photo shoot.
We chose the Wescott area of campus, the beautiful fountain and architecture make it a great photo location. 
 I finally got to wear my red Marilyn inspired dress. I have always admired Marilyn. I share one physical trait with her, my height, I am 5' 5.5" as well.
 Dress and shoes- thrifted
Flower- eBay

I couldn't believe when I found this dress at Goodwill, I knew I couldn't leave without it. Marilyn inspired, red, perfect fit, it was meant to be.