Monday, June 9, 2014

Pulling Them Off

Sometimes you get a magical item that makes you want to go outside your comfort zone clothing wise. The most famous item that comes to mind is Ted Mosby's red cowboy boots.
Pulling them off!

I recently acquired my sister's amazing cowgirl boots and I just couldn't wait to wear them. Sure they are two sizes to big but would that stop me from wearing sequined boots? Nope!
 There is a story behind these boots. Years ago I spotted them at a shoe store, I fell in love with them and I knew my sister (in law) would too. I sent her and her mom photos of them. I tried on a pair (black with silver sequins) but back then I was much heavier and couldn't zip them up past my ankles. I sadly put them back on the shelf. My mother in law got the boots in brown for my sister. Back to the present- my in laws gave me the boots when cleaning. I will hold on to them and if my sister wants them back she can have them but in the mean time I will wear them because now I can zip them, they are tight but they zip.

 I put this outfit together for Trash Cinema's screening of "Tremors". I love dressing in themes.

Necklace- vintage
Top/Skirt/Bag- thrifted (old)
Boots- old

I really love this outfit and I think I will be wearing it again this summer. What do you think about the boots, am I "pulling them off?"