Friday, June 20, 2014

Birds of a Feather

Today I got to hang out with Mom. We had a great lunch at a local sandwich shop, we split the Greek veggie melt. OMG, yum! It is a baguette liberally spread with herbed cream cheese and feta then loaded with fresh veggies and popped under heat just long enough to melt a slice of provolone on top. 

Our mission today: Find sheets for upcoming toga party
Mission achieved: S rank

Okay maybe we didn't get a S rank yet as I have yet to make the togas. I am a bit of an over achiever and will be sewing decent costumes (waiting on the pattern to get here)  rather than just wrapping ourselves up like frat boys. I still will be using sheets because they are a great source of inexpensive fabric. The sheet section at goodwill was somewhat sparse today but I managed to find two lovely sheets, one for me and one for my hubby as well as a nice set of sheets for our bed. We opted for colors rather than white so I hope our togas will look good. I almost came home with one that had a lip print all over, I thought it would have made a funny Goddess of Love costume but I wanted costumes we could reuse for other events. Although if I had found a Disney's Hercules sheet I would have bought it in a heartbeat. I also lucked out by finding a pair of metallic gold gladiator sandals for $5, I will be wearing them to the party as well as all football/volleyball season (our team colors are garnet and gold).
I've had this little dress in my closet for sometime now. I wore it once this winter with teal tights but it has been just hanging there since. It is another hot day, around 95 so a short, lightweight dress was a must. I was going to pair it with a hat but I got lazy and just put my hair in a pony so I wouldn't have to mess with it.

I'm still not sure what to think of this hem line, it is kind of fun but at the same time with the pulled up areas it makes it really short. I wore bike shorts underneath just so I wouldn't accidentally flash anyone.
Earrings- gift 
Dress- Target (thrifted)
Belt- from another dress
Shoes- BC (old)