Friday, May 30, 2014

So Hard to Wait

A while ago I shared a few pictures of our summer garden right after planting. Today I am going to share some of the bounty (well, photographic evidence of it). 

Cherry tomatoes, we have already started harvesting these

Heinz tomatoes, some of the fasting growing tomatoes we planted

Indigo Rose tomatoes, a dark purple tomato
We also have a ton of Lemon Boy tomatoes starting to ripen, they probably are my favorite tomato

The tomatillo plant is finally putting off "lanterns"

Ichiban eggplant blooms are always the prettiest flowers in the garden
I harvest our first eggplant yesterday. Oh how I love Japanese eggplant!

The rutabagas are getting bigger. I pulled up and roasted the largest one

Volunteer squash, looks like we have acorn and spaghetti

 Our cilantro is blooming so it is time to plant fresh but the bunnies love the blooms and we are trying to use it up before it seeds. Look at all that parsley in the background. We have all types and it is growing like weeds :)

 The purple basil is finally shooting up

We have two types of purple basil, this kind has more green in the leaves.

Gardening (urban gardening for us) is very rewarding. We hardly have to buy any groceries during the summer.