Thursday, May 1, 2014

Purple Rain Boots

Oh how naive I am, I thought it would be sunny today, not so much. At least it was just rain today and no thunderstorms. I was determined to get some pictures in spite of the weather  so I went to Levy Park (it has a nice pavilion I have shot in before). Lots of my pictures today didn't come out how I could have liked. I had a hard time adjusting balances in the dark pavilion but it was easier than weather proofing the camera. I did get a few decent ones though, enjoy.

I didn't bother trying to do my hair, the rain would have killed it the second I walked out the door.
Isn't this little purse cute? My mom got it for me. It is juice boxes folded together like gum chains. It was supposed to be a pencil case but it has a little handle so it makes a great clutch.

Headband- Art swap
Tank- H&M (thrifted)
Cardigan- Target
Belt- vintage
Skirt- thrifted
Socks- Sock Dreams
Rain boots- old
Oh how I would loved to rock this outfit with my killer yellow platforms.
Better safe than sorry though, especially since everything in town is wet and slippery.
I had a little too much fun jumping in puddles, I was almost late for lunch at my favorite restaurant (luckily everyone else was running late too).