Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nautical Favorites

This week has been stressful. Picking funeral clothes, it is harder than you think. I finally narrowed it down to  a dark colored respectful outfit.I had plenty of things to pick from but I think I made it harder on myself because I didn't want it to happen. The only thing I bought was a pair of inexpensive plain black flats that I needed anyway. I also got a pair of "ruby slippers" for $7 which did help make buying shoes a little more pleasant.

To cheer myself up some I put together a collection of my nautical themed favorites. I've always loved sailor dresses and thank you ModCloth for giving me so many options. I always get excited when I find black sailor items since I'm not too crazy about navy even though it is traditional.

Fist off, bathing suits. I would like a darling suit but I don't think I can justify the price since I hardly ever go swimming, even living in Florida, I just burn too easily.

The Stella is on sale for 56% off right now

Darling sailor themed shirts

Cute stripes and a sassy skirt


B. Yacht to Go Dress (black)
(this also comes in a lovely cream)
(not a true classic because of the print but is is so cute!)

Bright and Fun

(Effie's Heart makes the most comfy dresses ever)

Need some jewelry?

And of course, everything goes with BAIT shoes

Fair winds!

Tipsy did not approve of being kept out of the kitchen today