Saturday, May 31, 2014

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Pictures taken before we adjusted the kite properly.
Let's go fly a kite...or not as the case turned out to be. This week my husband found an amazing triplane kite in a trash pile (all the renters in our area are moving out for the summer). The kite was in decent shape and just needed some adjusting. It was quite windy when we woke up so we were excited to take the kite for a spin but the wind died down once we had made a trip to Lofty Pursuits to get kite string.
Not only does Lofty sell all sorts of games and toys (yo-yos, discs, juggling props, unicycles, board games) it is also a old timey soda fountain and candy shop that makes all their own ice cream and candy. I got a double scoop cup with toffee and Kahlua, I almost got the Champagne sorbet because lets face it, I LOVE Champagne. My hubby got a double scoop cone with strawberry banana. Sugar fix satisfied we headed to a park to try out our kite.
The clouds were so pretty today
 Today's Outfit:

Headband- Local hair store
Sunnies- Amazon
Necklace- art trade
Dress- American Eagle (thrifted)
Shoes- BC Footwear (outlet clearance for $8)

I got lots of complements on my outfit today, more so than normal. I couldn't believe how perfectly my BC heels matched this dress, I have had the heels for several years but I have only worn them with jeans. I also perfectly matched the jade, red coral, and chartreuse in nail polish. I am a sucker for sun dresses and a super good priced thrifted one makes me even happier. I know this dress will get lots of wear this summer.
Oh Florida sun, you cast too many shadows
Maybe the wind will pick back up again so we can try out the kite next week. I might just have to pull out our stunt kite to fly since it can pick up the smallest breeze, the plane needs a heavy wind to take off.