Friday, May 9, 2014

In Honor

Today in honor of my hubby's grandmother I wore a pin she gave me not long after I was welcomed into the family. The handful of other scatter pins she gave me are carved shell in shapes of different types of fish, today I wore the swordfish. Grandma lived by the sea for many years and loved the imagery that went along with it. Most of her knickknacks were either ocean themed or cats. (Our family is a great lover of cats)
 I carried one of her vintage purses that was given to be when we sold the family home two years ago. The necklace I'm wearing was a gift from my mother in law (brought back from Hawaii), while it wasn't Grandma's it matched the swordfish pin and reminds me of something Grandma would have had in her collection.
Southern girls don't sweat, they glisten. Never the less I evened out the "glisten" a little when editing ;) It was 90 degrees and humid today
Today mom and I got to have lunch and talk about Grandma. My mom is my best friend and whenever I loose balance in my life all I need to do is talk to her and I feel better. Retail therapy is the best therapy so we hit a couple of our favorite vintage shops. At the first shop Mom bought be a lovely 70s maxi dress. The dress is in shades of blue with hits of purple and lime. When I tried it on I felt ready for hanging out by a tiki bar at a resort. I can't wait to do my hair up and wear strappy espadrilles with it.
Okay, my nails don't match my outfit but aren't they happy? Little things help you when times are blue.
Our second stop was at The Other Side Vintage. I got nice summery skirt, a pair of black rose earrings (just like the ones I wanted from ModCloth before they stopped selling them), and a patent leather bat shaped purse all for under $9! I tried on a lovely yellow and white sun hat but put it back, I am kicking myself now because it was a great price. My hubby told me I should go back and get it so I will try to swing back by this weekend and hopefully it will still be there.
My blouse un-tucked it's self some, I don't have muffin top that bad, too much rummaging around to find treasures.

The Other Side, where amazing vintage things lay in wait to go home with you. It is so hard to not run up a huge bill there.