Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hiking in Heels

It's odd how loss effects different people. Today my husband's grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep. She was undoubtedly the most loving and giving woman I have even known. I knew her for 9 years and of course selfishly I wanted her to live forever.  She was 98 and had been on a feeding tube for some time, she had been in pain so it was comforting to know she went so peacefully. She can now be with her husband who passed away in '04.

It really hasn't hit me truly that she is gone yet, but typing this now is hard. I've been cooking all night and that's what I do when something heavy is sitting on my shoulders, I just took out a pan of white chocolate chip cookie bars out of the oven.

I'm still sharing some pictures today because Grandma would not want us to be sad at her passing, she lived  live full of joy and passed it to everyone she met.
One of my favorite spots (and the place I had planned on taking pictures) was underwater from last week's heavy rains
Dress/bow/bracelet- Burlington
Shoes- Aerosoles
Earrings- Vintage 

 Tomorrow my mom and I are going to hang out, I need 'Mommy time" right now. After that my husband and I plan on spending them evening with the family.