Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fun Fun Fun

Things around here are getting a little more normal. I am still trying to catch up on sleep, today I slept in and got groceries instead of going for a walk. I treated myself and got sushi for lunch, our grocery store makes great sushi that is about half the price of going out for it. The flowers I got for the kitchen this week were extra nice. I went with the $6 bouquet instead of my normal $4 one, I was sold when I saw two lovely roses and a big orange gerbera daisy in it.

Isn't this post office fabulous?

Back to the weekend:

While eating breakfast Saturday morning I noticed a blurb on the news about a car show in Daytona. We were still unsure if we were going to go to Beach Street for the day or hang around in Ormond and go to the gardens, the car show sold me, I LOVE old cars (and it was on Beach Street).

Sorry about the pictureful post but I had so much fun on Saturday I wanted to share it all. Lots of shots didn't even get included since I think I could have frozen some computers with all the photos.
Behold my dream car. Well, it wouldn't have to be a convertible, but I WILL have a Bel Air someday.
How can you not fall in love with a face like that?
Now this is a Corvette
A gorgeous Impala. Mom, I know you would have wanted to see this one.

I wana go surfing now
Look in the hubcap, my hubby got artsy
Morbid I know, but I have always wanted a hearse. I was bidding on one a few years back. I was going to paint it purple and keep a wooden coffin in the back (you know, for storage).

Very Sunset Blvd
 I don't know which was more amazing- the Studebaker or the Schwinn Sting-ray in the back
I was told it matched my hat

I'm partial to Willys since I have a 63 CJ3B to restore someday

What can I say? It was amazing.
  Even with all the hustle and bustle we got to get chocolate from Angell and Phelps, a local chocolatier on Beach Street. We splurged on giant peanut butter cups. Yum!
No point in doing my hair that day, it was so windy.
Hat/earrings- The Other Side
Sunnies- surf shop
Dress- Jack by BB Dakota (eBay)
Purse- vintage
Shoes- Mia Girl
We didn't have time to go through the museum, next time for sure.
Seeing all the amazing cars was worth getting the little sunburn I managed to get. One of my shoulders is still pretty red but the rest has calmed down.