Thursday, May 29, 2014

Enchanted Cottage

When I started this blog I not only wanted to show off my love of fashion, I wanted to show off the beauty of the area I live and grew up in- the capital of Florida, Tallahassee. I don't know how I had never been to the place I explored for today's post before. Lichgate is right off a busy road that is mostly large apartments for college students. A small post (that is quite easily missed) marks the turn in to this magical little plot of land. I followed the darling curving path it opened up onto a majestic 300 or so year old oak. I was immediately in love with the land.

Tucked away on three acres off High Road is a fascinating property hidden from view. A visitor walks down a wooded path and is greeted by a majestic live oak tree shading a soft lawn. This tree, a sapling in the time of Shakespeare, keeps company with something not seen in Florida, an English Tudor-style cottage, which looks as if it comes from the pages of a child’s book of fairy tales. With a steeply gabled roof, diamond-pattern leaded glass windows and stone foundation, the cottage continues its vigil over the gardens, labyrinth and tree surrounding it.  -Lichgate Website

 Just past the oak is a beautifully tended faerie garden! It is full of lovely flowers, little fountains, and faerie shrines.

 If faeries do exist I am sure they would live here.
Butterfly bush
A meditation labyrinth

 This way to wonderland...
The enchanted cottage
 I swear my hair was cute, curly, and styled when I left the house. Blame the 80% humidity.
I changed up my hair a little. I am planning on adding burgundy or purple to the ends but I wanted it to rest after stripping. I just don't feel like myself when my hair is all a natural color, my friends often joke that I look too normal when my hair isn't bright red.
Hair clip- JoAnn's dollar bin
Earrings- (I guess I didn't get pictures of them) similar
Blouse/skirt- thrifted
Flats- Payless

 I will have to bring a tea set and a book next time
Please ignore the shutter remote :)

 Tea cups make darling bird feeders. I almost got a picture of a lady cardinal having breakfast but she didn't like the look of the camera.

PS: Just added in some purple to my hair
Looks much better ;)