Monday, May 19, 2014

By the Sea

This past week has been a mix of emotions. Dealing with the loss of a dear family member, traveling to the visitation and funeral, PMS, car troubles (while on the road), driving through horrible weather, and being out of town for several days on short notice is enough to drive anyone batty. But you know what, we are back home cuddling our furchildren and that makes everything feel better. 

Friday was Grandma's funeral. Grandma was a nurse in World War II and reached the rank of Captain before retiring from service, a young pair soldiers gave her a beautiful and touching tribute by playing taps and folding the flag on her casket. We couldn't have planned for a more beautiful day, Grandma luck no doubt. I do have photos of this but it is too personal to share and we will be keeping them just for the family.

After the funeral the family retired to the hotel for time to reflect and re hydrate (crying is dehydrating). That evening we drove down to Ponce Inlet for a lovely dinner and drinks at Down the Hatch. It was nice to get out and talk to everyone while being in a laid back environment.
 After we finished our amazing dinner we drove over to the lighthouse. It was closed for the day but we just wanted to see it and take pictures so that was just fine.
 My hubby and me <3

We got group shots with the family too, I'm glad we brought the tripod along.
Sunnies- surf shop
 Sundress- Target (thrifted)
Earrings- The Other Side
Cuff- borrowed
Purse- Vintage
Shoes- Mia Girl 
(I love kids shoes)
One post down, several more to go. Back to all the laundry, yuck :P