Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bicycle Month

May is bicycle month and Tallahassee is kicking it off with lots of events this week. My hubby and I went out to the bike trail for a nice this weekend. We went a little farther than last week, stopped less, and didn't feel as dead at the end. The trail is well paved and easy to ride but does have hills, today we went up in max range from 100 feet above sea level to 50 feet below. I remembered to bring along my little point and click camera and managed to get some shots along the way.

 Today was cool and breezy, it was a perfect day for a ride. 
Someone had picked lots of dandelion flowers and left them at a stop along the trail.

 Taking a rest
 This great old bus is resting in a field by the rural highway.
 One of many cute churches along the trail. I look this one while zipping by so it is a little fuzzy.
A cool walkway by a bike shop along the trail. It has all manner of bike parts and tools embedded in it.
My hubby's bike had a racing saddle that wasn't comfy for relaxed rides. I found this old padded seat in our back room so I pulled off the deteriorating covering and crocheted this whole skin in an evening. It is some of my best work, I was very pleased with the result.