Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Storm Warnings

Horrible storms have blown into Florida, luckily where we are hasn't gotten hit as badly as some places. Since I have been housebound (no walks in thunderstorms) I thought I would share some older pictures. This set was shot with hopes of getting them in a start up magazine, the magazine went bust so I have all these lovely shots to share with you. 

Hair and Make-up: Laura J. Artistry
A good friend and an amazing artist

another good friend and talented photographer

If you are in Tallahassee and are in need of these services please look up these great young artists

(Special thanks to my hubby for holding up the flashes so they didn't blow away in the wind)

Taken at FSU's Heritage Tower Torches, a lovely fountain outside Doak Campbell Stadium and across from the Flying High Circus
It was a drizzly and windy day.

 I didn't expect the fountain to be so deep, it freaked me out when I jumped in
I didn't even have an outfit picked out until the day before these were taken. (Can you tell it was before I found ModCloth?) My mom and I thrifted all day. I found the tank then I found the Charlotte Russe Shoes at a different shop, I knew it was meant to be after I found the shoes.
The darling cherry earrings are from Belladonnas Rag Doll.

One of my favorites

It was a school themed call for submissions so I brought along some of my hubby's grandfather's advanced math books.
What to do when you can't wrap your mind around advanced math? Juggle the books of course!
my favorite "out-take"