Monday, April 28, 2014


Saturday- My hubby and I enjoyed a lovely 11 mile ride on the St. Marks Historic Railroad Trail. It was a good starter for getting back into biking. Next time we hope to go a little further. I need to take Sunny in for a tune up, her front derailleur is out of alignment. No pictures from that day, I promise I will remember a camera next time we go out. There are so many cute churches along the trail and always plenty of pretty scenery (once you get closer to the coast) that I would love to get pictures of.
I also hope to get one of these baskets for Sunny soon, biking with a heavy backpack on can be draining. 
Plus this would make grocery runs so much easier.

Just a few shots from Sunday's outfit
Sunday-  Since Sunday's are family day I tend to dress more causally than on weekdays.
I wore my favorite shirt, it is deceptive since it is really one piece. I don't know where it originally came from since I thrifted it but it is perfect, the vest part is stretchy and comfy and the sleeves are actually long enough for me.

I got the shoes at Payless. They had a pair of heels out of the same fabric that I almost got but I really needed a decent pair of flats. I was even wearing the same shirt the day I got them, the employee loved that.
 The amazing skull necklace was my birthday gift from my hubby last year. Hell's Boutique on Amazon is where he ordered it from, I want almost all their jewelry and hair bows. The cute little skull studs were from Disney at the Pirate's of the Caribbean shop.

 I actually got my hair into a nice roll for an extra retro touch.
We were going to take pictures in the backyard but we had a visitor we didn't want to disturb, a red tailed hawk. We are pretty sure this was the lovely that grew up in our big oak tree, we called him Taka which is Japanese for hawk.

We had a nice family dinner with my husband's family. It was nice seeing everyone and getting to talk before his sister and our beautiful little niece go back home to Hawaii. It is very sad but we probably won't be able to afford to visit them for at least 5-10 years if ever. Not to mention finding care for our fur babies.

This morning I woke up with a migraine, the pain has lessened right now so I hope I can crochet a little today. I have patterns to create and something pretty for me in the works. The something for me is being made from some gorgeous yarn I received as a gift from a friend in Germany.