Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Yesterday evening my husband and I attended a beautiful celebration of life event in honor of the late Dr. Michael Kasha. I could not find a page to direct you to that could cover all of his amazing accomplishments in life. The celebration was held in Dodd Hall which I have always thought is the most beautiful building on campus.  There were many wonderful speakers, lovely music (Dr. Kasha's son and grandson both played), good wine, and lovely pescetarian friendly hors d'oeuvre's. The bruschetta with fresh basil and heirloom tomatoes was my favorite, I can't wait till our tomatoes start producing.  
The day started out rainy with tornado warnings. It was raining so hard when my husband came to pick me up we almost decided not to attend the event because we would have been drenched before we got to the building. Luckily when we arrived on campus the rain had eased, I was glad we could get a few pictures of my new to me dress before the event. I promised I really did iron the dress but it doesn't even look like it in the pictures. I am going to have to put in in the bathroom with me next time I take a hot shower to try and steam the wrinkles out or try ironing it with a warmer iron, I tried to follow the directions.

The dress came with a nice artificial leather belt. The tan belt and nude shoes worked for this event but I want to try the dress with my thin black belt and black stilettos next time I wear it. I love bright pinks and black together.
My hubby gave me this necklace on our first Valentine's day as a couple.

LOL, I was trying to not sink in the mud, we didn't have time to walk down to the place I would have liked to take the photos. I loved taking out my little pink umbrella, it was a gift from my in-laws from when they went to Chicago. My family knows how much I love pink, especially bright pink. Don't get me wrong, I love pastel pinks too, but I just can't wear them.

 The rounds were done by the Master Craftsmen Studio. My husband worked with them on the giant window in the stadium. Funny fact, my husband used to be a professional stained glass artist/teacher and I used to do stained glass as a hobby yet we didn't meet that way. We both miss glass work and need to get back into it, he is the amazing builder and I am the eye for color. We make a great team.

Before it started raining yesterday I took these photos of my snapdragons. Did I mention I love pink?