Monday, April 14, 2014

Miss Flowers

This weekend I was out of touch with the internet world. (I had to catch up on all the blog posts I missed before I could do anything today) Why was I out of touch you ask? I went to a con, Alt*Con Florida to be exact. This was my first year attending, and while it was not the biggest or best organized con I have been to it was fun hanging out with friends and dressing up. The first day of the con I dressed up like my favorite comic chick, Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim series

I think I was holding in about a gallon of water this weekend, I look so bloated.
I tried to not spend much money on my costume. My biggest expense was the wig which wasn't even that much money. The original wig I purchased got lost in the mail and even though the seller offered to send me a new one I wouldn't have been able to get over seas in the time needed. This eBay store saved me big time, they are located in America and have super fast shipping times. This wig was even more perfect than the original one I had ordered too!

Outfit break down:

Goggles- old
 Hoodie- Express
Tank- Calvin Klein
Shorts- Mudd
Socks- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Converse (sparkly)
Subspace suitcase- Made by me

The tank was thrifted and the hoodie and shorts I got on eBay. The socks and shoes I already had. My hubby helped me with my hammer. I wasn't going for a perfect costume- just a close, fun one.
It didn't take me any longer to get ready than my normal morning routine. Plus, no sore feet since I wore sneakers.

Mid-day we broke for lunch. We walked down to one of our favorite local joints, Voodoo Dog. Voodoo dog has great fair for us non (and mostly non) meat-eaters too. I love the veggie burgers they make but I opted for a veggie dog covered in mac and cheese and a side of crispy fries. 
On the walk back we got a few quick pictures. Our friends did a Batman beach bums theme. I had to crash at least one picture.

When there is a TARDIS, you must take a picture with the TARDIS

I was pleased quite a few people recognized my costume, I love being around other geeks.