Friday, April 25, 2014

Girl's Day Out

Friday is the day my mom and I spend together, we get lunch out and talk then go shopping (or browsing if we are out of money). Today we did a Midtown Day. I took Mom to one of the best pizza places in town, Midtown Pies for an amazing pie.  
After lunch we went to the Governor's mansion to take a few pictures. Everything was in full bloom around "Florida's Finest". Mom really doesn't like taking pictures, she leaves that to Dad and me, but she was a good sport and she took the pictures above.

Hair clip- craft store
Bangle- Quarter Moon
Dress- thrifted 
Shoes- old
Oh no! My white hairs are showing again, time to dye. (I started getting white hairs in my early teens)
I got this dress a while back from Goodwill. It is the same brand as my favorite brown dress from the Pearls and Polka Dots post. The quality is just as nice, it is lined and has boning on the bust to help keep it's shape. I am confused about the continuity of their sizing though, both dresses fit me perfectly but this one marked several sizes smaller than the brown one.

 "Florida's Finest"
 I didn't even know about this statue till last year
The doggy is so cute
After enjoying the pretty flowers we drove down to Lake Ella to browse the cottages. We looked at everything in Quarter Moon Imports and decided we both needed all their clothes in our closets (you know, if we won the lottery). I was good and only got one thing- a headband I had been eyeing for some time now, it is a pretty wrapped headband with faceted "crystal" flowers and it just gotten put on the sale shelf.

Since the day was so nice and warm we got homemade ice cream at Barb's Brittles. I got pistachio and Mom got red velvet cream cheese.
Our last stop was at Joe's Bike Shop. I found a nice headlight that fits well on Sunny's handlebars. I should have picked up a back rack for her too but they didn't have one that would have fit right.