Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Fun

Today I was faced with some disheartening news, the wig I had ordered for my cosplay for the con next week got lost in the mail. The seller was really sweet and offered to send me another but there is no way it would make it overseas in a week. I will have to use my back-up wig which is not the right color. I did spot a similar but low quality wig at a shop today but I am a wig snob and don't want to wear a "novelty Halloween" wig. 
The rest of the day went well, I spent it with my parents thrifting and vintage shopping. We made our rounds of The Other Side Vintage. The 3 of us could spend hours in there. I found more stuff than I should have gotten but, it all called to me. I found a sweet pair of vintage stud earrings that are yellow cherries, red heart shaped sunglasses, an orange batik skirt, and two more belts just like my favorite yellow one that I found there last time. All the belts must have come from the same person, they are all a little big but my hubby can add more holes just like he did on the yellow one. The new bow belts are orange and bright sky blue. I promise pictures of my new goodies soon. I love shopping local. 

Dress- ModCloth
Belt/Purse- Vintage
Socks- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Old

Isn't this vintage purse the cutest? I bought it from Etsy years ago. I hadn't carried it in a while so I almost forgot about it till hunting down one of my bags when I stumbled upon it. It is the perfect bag for the Good Enough to Eat dress.

The socks are Sock Dream's Extraordinary Thigh Highs. I love these socks so much, they are a comfy sock  (not thin stocking) that goes mid thigh even on my large legs. I wore them with two roll downs today to over my knees. I own 5 pairs of extraordinary's and all but this pair is striped, I even have a pair of rainbow tie-dyed stripes.
I was so excited to wear with dress without a cardigan and tights today, it certainly was warm enough at 85 degrees. With such lovely weather it is hard to believe we will have bad thunderstorms late in the evening.


 I had to show off my accessories for today since they didn't show up very well in the other shots. Both the bow and earrings are from Etsy sellers that no longer sell. I did, however, find many more items like them for sale on Etsy. 
My parents really wore out my poor, tired feet out today. I am planning a tea soak for them tonight before bed. In all, we visited 4 shops today (with lunch before that). The only other thing I found today was a pretty bright pink dress that my mom and I pooled our change together to get. I might wear it next week to a function for my hubby's office.


 Today's pictures were taken in the sculpture garden at Railroad Square. Railroad Square Art Park is a fun area full of niche local businesses. My sister's tattoo shop had a home there till she moved to Hawaii.