Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Be Still My Hearts

This week I've been under the weather (and the moody weather hasn't helped). I've been living off caffeine and Aleve. My hubby has been wonderful and got me doughnuts and fudgy chocolate ice cream since he knows I gravitate towards sweets when I feel yucky. Today I did get out to walk which helped some but I still felt crappy so I put on my red lipstick and heels and went out to take some photos. 

It took me several minutes to get into the swing today but I actually had some fun.

I picked up this necklace at the con this past weekend. It was made by an amazing artist pair in town and is a hand painted pewter TARDIS! I promise to get close up shots soon, I have another whole outfit picked out to go with it. I thought the necklace went really well with my glasses because us fans of the Doctor ♥♥ everything Doctor Who related. 


Glasses- thrifted
Lips: MAC viva glam
TARDIS necklace - Fool Moon Treasures
Cardigan - Gap, thrifted
Tank- thrifted
Skirt- thrifted
Fishnets- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Candie's, thrifted

Wow, this outfit was one of those all thrifted beauties. The only things I got new were the necklace and tights. I fell in love with this cardigan when I saw it on eBay but I couldn't justify the price the seller was asking so I passed on it. The next week I found the exact same one, right size and everything, at a local goodwill. Yay! I didn't hesitate about getting it. The skirt was a nice find at a thrift shop when they were having a $5 bag sale. I stuffed so many things in that bag I must have gotten them for 50 cents each. I did have to cut the lining out of the skirt because the skirt is stretchy but the lining wasn't and my curvy hips and the lining didn't get along. It is great now, I wish I could find more pencil skirts that fit well. Sometimes I think clothing makers don't understand curvy gals like wiggle skirts/dresses too. And the shoes, I have an obsession with red shoes. I am so happy I finally have a pair of red heels. I found them at goodwill and they had never been worn, I don't mind shelling out $9 for red, peep toe, never worn, Candie's shoes. They will be great for my next pin-up shoot.
It was cool and breezy today