Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Anarchy Stocking

Back in 2010 when the show Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt came out I immediately fell in love with Stocking, a gothic lolita fallen angel with a passion for sweets. I had made a full costume by the end of the season. I really wanted to cosplay Stocking for this con but because of a hard earned natural 90 pound weight loss my costume no longer fit so my Spin Doctor dress came to the rescue. (I had bought it with my Christmas money when it went on clearance at ModCloth.) It wasn't screen accurate but it still came across very strong and people did know who I was. In the first few minutes I heard "It's Stocking!" as I walked by.

Costume breakdown:

Wig (bought years ago)
Eyelashes- Hot Topic (old)
Bows/sashes - made by me
Crocheted collar- vintage
Dress- Spin Doctor
Socks, tights, petticoat- Sock Dreams
Honekoneko (cat) - made by me
Shoes- old

 As soon as we got in the con I had to go looking for sweets

I got asked to do an interview about my costume by one of the con organizers but I am super shy and can't do anything in front of a video camera. Being asked was a boost to my confidence though.

a couple of my beautiful friends and me  :) 
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Non-costume posts coming again soon