Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All Fools Day

This morning I decided to change up my schedule. I woke up early but skipped my morning walk. Instead I got ready to celebrate the new year. Because the new year in some cultures was celebrated around the spring solstice I wanted to do a dreamy look spring look. The skirt was gifted to me from my grandmother. I don't normally wear skirts of this style because they are more flattering on a person without hips (and I have hips to spare) but with a billowy top it evened out the look some. I riffled through the hall closet and was able to find my bouquet and  flower crown from my wedding. The bouquet unfortunately got a little crushed under a heavy box but now that is is not in the closet anymore I can fluff the flowers back out some.
I don't wear a lot of white. I didn't even get married in it, I wore lavender instead. 
These photos were taken at Oven Park. My mom and I used to work there but it has had even more landscaping and is even more beautiful which is hard to believe. Oven (the O says it's name) truly the most beautiful free park in town.
 I got to the park only to notice I forgot my shoes. Since I was going for a dream theme it didn't matter that I was missing my shoes. 

My car was having trouble starting when I set out on my adventure but after driving out to Dorthy B Oven park it got over whatever was finicky with it. 

 Back at home I had to get a few shots with my favorite summer wedges. I should have painted my toenails white like my fingernails, next time I wear these shoes I will for sure.

I am taking turns working on the prop for my cosplay for Alt*Con and cleaning the house. I forgot how much papier mache paste gets stuck on you. Yuck. Back to cleaning. 

Don't play mean spirited tricks, they will come back to get you.