Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Storm Warnings

Horrible storms have blown into Florida, luckily where we are hasn't gotten hit as badly as some places. Since I have been housebound (no walks in thunderstorms) I thought I would share some older pictures. This set was shot with hopes of getting them in a start up magazine, the magazine went bust so I have all these lovely shots to share with you. 

Hair and Make-up: Laura J. Artistry
A good friend and an amazing artist

another good friend and talented photographer

If you are in Tallahassee and are in need of these services please look up these great young artists

(Special thanks to my hubby for holding up the flashes so they didn't blow away in the wind)

Taken at FSU's Heritage Tower Torches, a lovely fountain outside Doak Campbell Stadium and across from the Flying High Circus
It was a drizzly and windy day.

 I didn't expect the fountain to be so deep, it freaked me out when I jumped in
I didn't even have an outfit picked out until the day before these were taken. (Can you tell it was before I found ModCloth?) My mom and I thrifted all day. I found the tank then I found the Charlotte Russe Shoes at a different shop, I knew it was meant to be after I found the shoes.
The darling cherry earrings are from Belladonnas Rag Doll.

One of my favorites

It was a school themed call for submissions so I brought along some of my hubby's grandfather's advanced math books.
What to do when you can't wrap your mind around advanced math? Juggle the books of course!
my favorite "out-take"

Monday, April 28, 2014


Saturday- My hubby and I enjoyed a lovely 11 mile ride on the St. Marks Historic Railroad Trail. It was a good starter for getting back into biking. Next time we hope to go a little further. I need to take Sunny in for a tune up, her front derailleur is out of alignment. No pictures from that day, I promise I will remember a camera next time we go out. There are so many cute churches along the trail and always plenty of pretty scenery (once you get closer to the coast) that I would love to get pictures of.
I also hope to get one of these baskets for Sunny soon, biking with a heavy backpack on can be draining. 
Plus this would make grocery runs so much easier.

Just a few shots from Sunday's outfit
Sunday-  Since Sunday's are family day I tend to dress more causally than on weekdays.
I wore my favorite shirt, it is deceptive since it is really one piece. I don't know where it originally came from since I thrifted it but it is perfect, the vest part is stretchy and comfy and the sleeves are actually long enough for me.

I got the shoes at Payless. They had a pair of heels out of the same fabric that I almost got but I really needed a decent pair of flats. I was even wearing the same shirt the day I got them, the employee loved that.
 The amazing skull necklace was my birthday gift from my hubby last year. Hell's Boutique on Amazon is where he ordered it from, I want almost all their jewelry and hair bows. The cute little skull studs were from Disney at the Pirate's of the Caribbean shop.

 I actually got my hair into a nice roll for an extra retro touch.
We were going to take pictures in the backyard but we had a visitor we didn't want to disturb, a red tailed hawk. We are pretty sure this was the lovely that grew up in our big oak tree, we called him Taka which is Japanese for hawk.

We had a nice family dinner with my husband's family. It was nice seeing everyone and getting to talk before his sister and our beautiful little niece go back home to Hawaii. It is very sad but we probably won't be able to afford to visit them for at least 5-10 years if ever. Not to mention finding care for our fur babies.

This morning I woke up with a migraine, the pain has lessened right now so I hope I can crochet a little today. I have patterns to create and something pretty for me in the works. The something for me is being made from some gorgeous yarn I received as a gift from a friend in Germany.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Girl's Day Out

Friday is the day my mom and I spend together, we get lunch out and talk then go shopping (or browsing if we are out of money). Today we did a Midtown Day. I took Mom to one of the best pizza places in town, Midtown Pies for an amazing pie.  
After lunch we went to the Governor's mansion to take a few pictures. Everything was in full bloom around "Florida's Finest". Mom really doesn't like taking pictures, she leaves that to Dad and me, but she was a good sport and she took the pictures above.

Hair clip- craft store
Bangle- Quarter Moon
Dress- thrifted 
Shoes- old
Oh no! My white hairs are showing again, time to dye. (I started getting white hairs in my early teens)
I got this dress a while back from Goodwill. It is the same brand as my favorite brown dress from the Pearls and Polka Dots post. The quality is just as nice, it is lined and has boning on the bust to help keep it's shape. I am confused about the continuity of their sizing though, both dresses fit me perfectly but this one marked several sizes smaller than the brown one.

 "Florida's Finest"
 I didn't even know about this statue till last year
The doggy is so cute
After enjoying the pretty flowers we drove down to Lake Ella to browse the cottages. We looked at everything in Quarter Moon Imports and decided we both needed all their clothes in our closets (you know, if we won the lottery). I was good and only got one thing- a headband I had been eyeing for some time now, it is a pretty wrapped headband with faceted "crystal" flowers and it just gotten put on the sale shelf.

Since the day was so nice and warm we got homemade ice cream at Barb's Brittles. I got pistachio and Mom got red velvet cream cheese.
Our last stop was at Joe's Bike Shop. I found a nice headlight that fits well on Sunny's handlebars. I should have picked up a back rack for her too but they didn't have one that would have fit right.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Summer's a coming'! It's April but it is already very warm, today hit 87 degrees. Not what I call hot, but it is getting close. Warmer weather has it's benefits, such as wearing sleeveless dresses. My mom altered my rainbow dress so I can finally wear it without a cardi (it gapped badly at the arm holes). This was my first ModCloth dress, it started the fixation. I lucked out and got it for 50% off, it is a great dress but $100 would have been too much to pay for it.
I'm standing on Leon County in Leon County
The state of Florida in stone

 I always forget people aren't used to wild color hair, I got a few silly looks.

My hubby and I had a nice stroll around Cascades Park, he hadn't been since they re-did the park.

Wig- eBay
Flower clip- Craft store
Glasses/Dress- ModCloth (no longer available) 
Belt/purse- vintage
Shoes- BAIT

The new amphitheater
Pretty flowers in the park that just happen to be my favorite colors
Cascades Park is a 12-acre park along the stream known as the St. Augustine Branch in TallahasseeFlorida, south of the Florida State Capitol. It is a Nationally Registered Historic Place  because it influenced the territorial government's choice of the capital city's location. -Wikipedia

At one time there was a real cascade in this area but it no longer exists so this beautiful feature was added as a focal point in the park.

Up On The Roof

Last night my husband and I attended a function in one of the beautiful new buildings on campus. We watched it go up bit by bit so we were really excited about seeing the inside. We met up early to take some photos of my outfit, my hubby is so sweet about taking pictures of me. 
I have been wanting to get pictures by my favorite statue on campus, "Three Sisters". 

 Events on campus tend to be a little dressy, thank goodness I know how to step it up when I need to.
I was thrilled to find this outfit in the back of my closet, I bought the top and skirt shortly after my big weight loss as staples for job hunting. I haven't been on any interviews lately so my "business wear" got pushed to the back. Now that I found the forgotten clothes I will have to wear them more often.

Amethyst earrings- Gift
Lips- MAC viva glam
Corset styled top and pencil skirt- Burlington
Shoes- Thrifted
Shoe clips- antique
Bag- Betsey Johnson

The shoe clips were given to me by a good friend, they were her Grandmother's and are true antiques.
Oh my poor little feet, the peep toes tore up my toes. (I had switched purses for the evening and forgot my little first aid kit, ouch, no band-aids!) I didn't have a problem last time I wore them, I don't know what changed. Heavy duty bandages will be applied to big toes before next wearing.

 Since the new building is off of Landis Green we killed some time by the fountain.

The event was held on the top floor of the new building in a lovely ballroom with a balcony overlooking campus.
 I know I am biased,  I think FSU is one of the prettiest campuses in the south
 Hanging out on the balcony

Campus at sunset.

Monday, April 21, 2014


We have been waiting for this past Saturday since last year. It was a dear friend's annual 39th birthday party. Our friend is a "beer snob" brewer that lets his friends into his beer cellar every year in honor of his birthday. There is always craft beer, cider, and mead as well as a full buffet with yummy vegetarian options.
My Megan Draper inspired look
Originally the day had been forecast to be warm and sunny, oh how a week can change the weather. Saturday turned out to be cool and rainy. I was discouraged at first since I had put my outfit aside several weeks ago. I switched out sandals for boots and pulled out my favorite asymmetrical sweater and the outfit magically turned from beach gal to something you might find when looking up 70s chic.
 My apologies for lack of different angels, it started pouring when we set out to take pictures. 
We just took them in a parking garage on campus so we wouldn't get the camera wet.

Hat- gift
Jewelry- vintage from Etsy
Cuff- Morocco in Epcot
Tank- Old Navy
Sweater- Burlington
Purse- Vintage
Skirt- Thrifted
Boots- Old
 I love this set of jewelry, it was a bargain buy ($5) in a Etsy shop years ago. I love elephants.

The purse is a vintage tooled leather bag that was my husband's 98 year old grandmother's. When we moved her to our town we divided the estate, I am the accessory girl so I got first pick of the vintage purses. (Grandma always loves seeing pictures of me rocking her vintage items) The purse is in remarkable shape for being as old as it is, the only thing that it needs is the thin lacing replaced. I just need to get the supplies then I could have it done in an afternoon.

The skirt was an impulse buy at Goodwill. It is a great length for summer and is just as cute with boots as it is with strappy sandals. It is a faux wrap, no worrying about flashing people.

The rain has been good for our garden at least. April showers bring May tomatoes, that is how it goes right?

 The tomatoes are growing like weeds!
 The tomatillo blooms are so pretty
 Our volunteer growing out of our compost.  It looks like a squash but we won't know what kind till we get fruit.
  This is just a weed but it is so pretty

This is my beautiful tree outside my kitchen window. I love to open the window so I can smell it all day.