Tuesday, March 18, 2014


A bunch of my friends have March birthdays so we decided to have one big party rather than several little ones, this worked out for the better since everyone's March's were are busy as ours. We thought a Buffy the vampire slayer costume party would be super fun (we did think of this while drunk and riding around in a limo at the last birthday girl's bash). I had a hard time picking who to be. I was really stuck between Drucilla and dark Willow, both would have been very easy for me. One of my friends wanted to be high school Buffy so she talked me into being high school Willow. I made myself only use things in my closet, no buying things I probably wouldn't wear ever again (no overalls). I don't have a natural red wig yet so I used my wine colored one.

I really liked many of Willow's early outfits, they remind me much of ones I would and did wear when I was younger. Us geeky girls have to stick together after all.

Oh my goodness, the shoes. The shoes are platform, sling back sneakers from Tommy Hilfiger. I picked them up from my mother in law's last shoe closet cull. They were too amazing to let go. They are really comfy too, I want to wear them out and about, 90s things are coming back in style right?

 The shirt I found at Goodwill and is a nice comfy long sleeve shirt that still has a cute flair.

 The skirt has been with me through thick and thin, quite literally. I got it when I was 15 when I was several sizes larger than I am now. It was my main skirt when I ballooned over size 20 and now it is still in my closet (although now taken in) at a size 12.

 This is one of the only mausoleums in town, when you think Buffy you think mausoleum.

I found these candles sitting on a broken piece and it was the perfect photo opp.

I really wanted to get this post out over the weekend but my husband's birthday party went pretty late and Sunday we had terrible weather and lost internet for the afternoon and evening.

Wishing you a magick day, RC